Hossein Mahallati

Investment Group

Hossain Mahallati Investment group is founded by Hossein Abdolamir Mahallati, a successful entrepreneur and businessman born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. From a young age, he was surrounded by the family business of jewelry, which instilled in him a passion for luxury and high-end products.

This passion grew into a full-blown obsession as he got older, and he quickly established himself as a leading figure in the jewellery & luxury watch industry.

Nothing illustrates Hossein Mahallati’s passion for luxury more than his appreciation of fine jewelry and timepieces. He enjoys the beauty and skill that go into making these wonderful items, from the blinding brilliance of a diamond bracelet to the delicate mechanics of a Swiss-made watch. For him, owning a priceless piece of jewelry or a high-end timepiece is more than just a status symbol; it’s about the enjoyment of having something truly special. He enjoys the feeling of owning something that is both uncommon and beautiful, whether it be a vintage watch or a modern diamond necklace. His jewelry and watch collection demonstrates his refined taste and constant admiration for the finer things in life.

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